Welcome to Thereses vacation-home in Bugøynes


Here you can enjoy the calm in natures beauty.

Bugøynes is a beautiful little village in Varangerfjorden, with berely 200 residents. In the 1800s this little village was inhabited by immigrants from Finland. The finnish language still remains, and Bugøynes is often called little-Finland (Pikku-Suomi). Bugøynes was also one of the few places in finnmark that did not get burned down during world war 2. The village therefore still consists of old houses made of wood., which makes the village unique. Thereses vacation-home is one of these houses made of wood. The 160 square foot house lays very sentral in the village, and is nearly a 100 years old. It is how ever been modernized. The house is right by the waterfront. Visit our facebook page Thereses feriehus.